Eligibility: Any declared Democrat registered to vote in the 48th Legislative District shall be eligible and encouraged to become a member of this organization. After being a member for 20 days you are eligible to vote on endorsements and other matters that come up at meetings in accordance with our bylaws.

Declare yourself a resident and eligible in one of two ways:

  1. Online: Subscribe to our email list to answer the two questions to affirm your eligibility as a resident and your desire to become a voting member.
  2. In-Person: Join us at one of our meetings and talk to the Membership Committee.

Dues/Donations: While dues are not required for membership, donations are encouraged and very appreciated. Donations may be submitted online through the ClickNPledge service and can be renewed each year. Funds collected by LD 48 Democrats are used in a variety of ways including in support of candidates and funding district activities to foster growth and encourage party activism.

Please use Click and Pledge for donations you can do a recurring monthly donation or a one-time donation.

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