US Reps Smith and DelBene at 4/16 LD meeting

U.S. Representatives Adam Smith (9th CD) and U.S. Representatives Suzan DelBene were scheduled to attend.  Congressman Smith will leave early for an appearance at the 41st LD meeting. (Click on the red ball above right for the pull-down menu with meeting time and place, etc.)
  1. Congressional Updates and Q&A, Representatives Smith and DelBene.
  2. Campaign update:  Joan McBride for State Senate
  3. Other candidate/organization courtesies
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Report of LD Chair Phil Kouse deferred from last meeting
  6. Convene brief special session of LD Caucus to receive report on specific resolutions referred to Caucus Resolution Committee to be put into final form, and to determine whether to refer them to the State Convention with or without our recommendation to pass the resolutions.
  7. Courtesies for candidates/organizational reps arriving from other LD meetings
  8. Good of the Order:  Vice Chair Virginia Rogalsky re: Cinco de Mayo Party; Vice Chair Karen Tennyson re: special May meeting PCO Votebuilder training. Others from floor.

The Democratic Party wants YOU!

Every two years, Democrats around the state gather with their neighbors at Caucuses and Conventions to decide on the direction of the Washington State Democratic Party.
This year, that process kicks off on March 9 with the Legislative District Caucuses.  The 48th LD Caucus will meet from 1-3 PM at Rose Hill Elementary School, 8110 – 128th Ave NE, Kirkland.  The LD Caucuses are followed by County Conventions on April 12to adopt a county Platform and county resolutions, and the State Convention on June 21st in Spokane to adopt a state Platform, state resolutions and other party business.
We will be electing 8 delegates and 6 alternates to the State Convention,, and may consider platform proposals and resolutions to refer either to the county or state conventions.  You do not have to be a PCO or member of the 48th LD Democratic organization to attend, vote or be eligible to election as a delegate or alternate.
Have you been intending to get more involved with Democrats in your area?  the Caucuses and conventions are a great place to start.  Attend our LD Caucus and run for State Convention delegate.  Ethnic minority Democrats are encouraged in particular to place your names into consideration.  By attending our LD Caucus and/or County Convention as an involved Democrat or the State Convention as an elected delegate, you will have the chance to shape our Party platform and pass resolutions.
It is interesting to note that in 2008, Washington State hosted the largest Precinct Caucuses in United States history.  The Caucuses kicked off the grassroots movement that elected Barack Obama in that historic election.
Ex Officio members of the State Convention from the 48th LD are U.S. RepresentativesAdam Smith and Suzan DelBene, State Senator Rodney Tom, State RepresentativesRoss Hunter and Cyrus Habib, 48th LD Chair Phil Kouse, and 48th State Committeepersons Becky Lewis and Santiago Ramos.

Time to renew your dues for 2014!

The membership form does not reflect the change passed at our January meeting to suggested dues of $48 per year.  Fixed and limited income members are still welcome as always to renew or join by payment of an affordable amount.

January 15 Meeting: Planning to Elect a Democratic State Senator

Our regularly scheduled January membership meeting will be a special planning and organization meeting especially for PCOs and other persons planning to be active in the 2014 elections – including the highly anticipated campaign for State Senator.  The meeting will convene at our regular time and place, 7:00 at the Northwest Arts Center, 9825 NE 24th St., Bellevue.
Regular business and courtesies will be suspended for the evening at the request of 2nd Vice Chair Karen Tennyson (PCOs) and our Committee to Elect a Democratic State Senator (chaired by State Committeewoman Becky Lewis).  There will be no officer reports and urgent courtesies and business will be deferred to the end of the planning meeting.
Although Representatives Ross Hunter and Cyrus Habib will be involved in legislative activites into the late afternoon that day, plans are being made for them to participate in the planning session via Skype.
We suggest that electeds, candidates, and representatives of organizations who wish to be introduced at a meeting defer until our February meeting.  If appearance in January is imperative, please be advised you will not be on our agenda until sometime after 8:15 PM.

Annual holiday party meeting 12/18

Our annual holiday party replaces a business or program meeting on the third Wednesday in December.  Whether you are a monthly attender or primarily participate in canvassing or phone banking for elections, or fall somewhere between, you are welcome!
Wednesday 12/18 from 6:30 – 9 PM.
Sharon Miller’s home at 6217 145th Ave NE, Redmond.
(Take Old Redmond Rd. West or East to 146th Ave NE and turn south, the only direction possible.  Follow it to “Y” and veer right onto NE 64th St., then left on 145th.)
Potluck with wine/Martinelli’s provided along with paper and plastic table service. Suggestions:
A-L = Appetizers or Salad;
M-Z = Main dish or Dessert.

October 16 LD meeting agenda

The October membership meeting will be Wednesday 10/16, 7:00 at the Northwest Arts Center, 9825 NE 24th St., Bellevue.
  • Courtesies
  • Washington Work and Family Coalition presentation re: family and medical leave
  • New and tabled endorsements  [Bylaw:  "At any meeting at which endorsements have been given as an item for the agenda, the membership may endorse candidates for elected office or for ballot propositions."  Article XII.Section 1]
  • Presentation by Parliamentarian John Elsbree
  • Reports by Treasurer and Chair (with Q&A)
  • Good of the Order and Adjournment

Annual Picnic Wednesday 8/21 6:00 – 8:30 PM

Annual Picnic Wednesday 8/21 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Grasslawn Park Shelter
148th Ave NE at Old Redmond Rd.
Hamburgers provided.
Suggested potluck items by last name:

  • A-G Appetizers
  • H-O Salads
  • P-Z Desserts

OR you may make a cash contribution toward the cost of the burgers.

The good news:  pets allowed in park (on leash with proper hygiene)

The bad news:   no alcoholic beverages.

Please RSVP Virginia Rogalsky by Monday to assist Virginia and Yosefa Kouse to plan hamburger purchases.

July 17 Meeting Agenda: Legislative Update/Wrapup

State Legislators Ross Hunter and Cyrus Habib and State Senator Rodney Tom will wrap up the 2013 legislative session for us at our July membership meeting from 7-9 PM, Wednesday July 17 at the Northwest Arts Center, 9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue.  Here is the agenda announced by Phil Kouse, Chair:

Presentations by candidates, issues and organizations.

  • Dow Constantine, incumbent candidate for King County Executive.
  • Other candidates who attend may make presentations, but there will be no Q&A at this meeting due to the amount of time devoted to it at our June endorsement meeting.
Officer’s Reports

Legislative Wrap-up:  Representatives Ross Hunter and Cyrus Habib and State Senator Rodney Tom

New Business:  Consideration of donation to King County Democrats for 2013

August 2013 Primary Endorsements

48th LD members made the following endorsements by at least 2/3 majority vote meeting in Bellevue Wednesday, June 19, and  Wednesday, July 17.

Dow Constantine, King County Executive.

John Urquhart, King County Sheriff.

John Creighton, Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 1

Courtney Gregoire, Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 2

Stephanie Bowman, Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 3

Steven Kasner, Bellevue City Council Position 4

Lynne Robinson and Vandana Slatter, dual endorsement for Bellevue City Council Position 6.  (It is the earnest hope of our members in recommending their dual endorsement that voters will select these persons to be the top two of the three candidates in the primary who go forward to the November primary election, an outcome which is feasible under our current primary election system.)

Jay Arnold, Kirkland Council Position 1

Shelley Kloba, Kirkland Council Position 2

Doreen Marchione, Kirkland Council Position 7

Krischanna Roberson, Bellevue School Board Director, District 4

King County Proposition 1 (Parks Levy): Recommend vote in favor of proposition

No candidates for other offices have requested our consideration for endorsement to date. Initiatives appearing only on the November ballot will be considered for recommendation of vote for or against at a later date.