Revised agenda for 11/19 Eastside General Meeting

The 41st LD has announced a change in the agenda  for the Eastside general meeting at 7-9 PM Wednesday at Tyee Middle School.  The reason for several LD’s meeting together is to enable all candidates for 2015-2016 Chair of the King County Democratic Central Committee to spend more time sharing their viewpoints instead of traveling among the 5th, 41st and 48th LD’s that evening.

The agenda as originally announced provided for a combined meeting before the Candidate event, with a business meeting following.  Since the 48th has no business planned for 11/19 and this event does not allow sufficient time for review and discussion of our proposed Bylaws revision, that agenda would have allowed our members to quietly exit after the Candidate event.  The revised agenda includes 30-45 minutes for individual break-out LD business meetings between the initial speaker (Kurt DelBene on the Affordable Care Act) and the Candidate event [considering the nature of  Q&A, my crystal ball is predicting 20 minutes left for business meetings.  Phil Kouse].

The 48th will use its “break-out” for an informal “Good of the Order” session.

The new agenda with tentative times announced to us Tuesday morning by 41st LD Program Chair Dorothy Willard, who is chairing the joint meeting:

  • 7:00 Kurt DelBene on the Affordable Care Act
  • 7:30 LDs break out for individual meetings. (48th will conduct no business involving voting.)
  • 8:15 KCDCC Chair candidates event. Persons known at this time to be seeking nomination at the 12/6 King County Democrats’ reorganization meeting (9 AM at location to be announced) are Omaha Sternberg, Rich Erwin and Betsy Walker
  • 9:00 Adjournment.

Eastside LD’s join our meetings again on November 19

Eastside Districts General Meeting
Wednesday, November 19, 7 PM
Tyee Middle School
13454 SE Newport Way
Bellevue WA 98006-2024

The King County Democratic Central Committee reorganization meeting is December 6 and all 2015-2016 elected PCOs (whose term of office begins 12/1/14) will be eligible to vote for the new officers.

The 5th, 41st and 48th LDs are combining our meetings that night in order to allow more time for PCOs to meet the candidates for King County Democrats offices than if they were required to travel among the three regular LD meetings that night.  This meeting replaces the November membership meeting of the 48th LD Democrats.


1.  Kurt DelBene on the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare (25 minutes)

2,.  KCDCC Meeting Review (5 minutes)

3.  LD End of Year Parties (10 minutes)

4.  Which PCOs can vote in January? (5 minutes)

5.  Acknowledgement of Candidates for KCDCC office (10 minutes)

10-Minute break

KCDCC Chair Candidates Event (30 minutes)

(The official agenda adds old and new business.  However, the 48th had been planning a review of our proposed Bylaws and this meeting does not provide sufficient time or setting for that activity. 48th members may wish to exist quietly after the Chair Candidates Event.  A special 48th meeting is set for Dec. 10 for those who wish to review the proposed Bylaws revisions.)

2014 General Election Endorsements

Candidates running opposed are not listed.

State Legislature:

  • 48th LD Representatives:  Ross Hunter (incumbent), Joan McBride
  • 48th LD Senator: Cyrus Habib


  • 1st District Representative:  Susan DelBene (incumbent)
  • 9th District Representative: Adam Smith (incumbent)

Northwest Electoral District Court:

  • Judge Position No. 1:  Janet Garrow (incumbent)
  • Judge Position No. 2:  Ketu Shah (incumbent)
  • Judge Position No. 3:  Lisa O’Toole or Marcus Naylor*


  • I-591 (Prohibiting gun confiscation without due process of law):  No
  • I-594 (Requiring federal background checks for every gun transfer with limited exceptions): Yes

* Judges (Pro Tem) O’Toole and Naylor were dually endorsed by this organization during the primary election ccampaign.  Both survived the primary and now seek the same judgeship.

Yes Rodney’s leaving, but we still must fight for the State Senate

(Editor’s Note:  Matt Isenhower’s campaign against the incumbent state senator in our neighboring 45th LD has been flagged by our Rep. Ross Hunter and others as a key campaign to regain Democratic party control of the Senate. Ross noted that he, Cyrus Habib and Joan McBride emerged with overwhelming majorities in the primary election and appear assured of election to the state Senate and Legislature from our LD.   He has encouraged the 48th to lend our resources to the 45th to assist Matt.)

Now you have two chances to put your feet on the ground and walk for Matt Isenhower, Senate Candidate for the 45th LD, and  take back the State Senate

  • Sunday 9/14 at Bella Bottega QFC Starbucks, Redmond
  • Saturday 10/18 at 10 AM, place to be determined.

This is a great way to get exercise and work for an excellent candidate who has the ability to help change the power structure in the State Senate.  Let’s get a permanent solution to education and women’s health.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, please let me know.  We would like to get as many walking lists via Mini-Van as we possibly can, and save a tree or two.  If you are not familiar with Mini-Van, please contact me (425-822-7765 or 425-985-5017) for a brief lesson on how to download the app on your device.

–Karen Tennyson, 2nd Vice Chair (PCOs)





August 20 Annual Picnic

48th LD Democrats’ annual picnic will be hosted by the Ross Hunter re-election campaign Wednesday evening at the home of Ross Hunter in Medina. Ross also will be inviting other guests of his campaign, and you will have an opportunity to contribute to Ross’ relection campaign. Electeds or candidates with any questions about the format for the evening should contact Representative Hunter, not the 48th LD Chair.

Attendance is by RSVP to the Hunters only. For an Evite invitation and electronic RSVP, or see the 48th LD Democrats FACEBOOK page or email for a forwarded invitation.

You also will have the opportunity to order and pay for your tickets for the Eastside Democrats Dinner on Sunday, September 7.

The campaign is providing beer and non- alcoholic beverages, organic hot dogs and hamburgers, and a place to sit. We’re hoping folks will bring salads and desserts, plus other bits to fill in.

Ross needs three persons to help with set up, three persons to help with take-down, and two persons who will handle the grill during the picnic. Please contact 48th Vice Chair Virginia Rogalsky ( as soon as possible if you can assist.

Kirkland July 4 Parade 10:30 AM

The official 48th LD parade delegation will join State Senate candidate Cyrus Habib walking with US Rep. Suzan DelBene..  Endorsed judicial candidates are invited to join the delegation.


Staging will be at the DelBene campaign’s Position 45 between 5th Ave W. from Market to 3rd St. W.  Bring a hat, sunscreen and water.  Maps and other information are available at the event website:


We also have an invitation to support the Matt Isenhower 45th LD Senate campaign, marching either with him instead of the 48th or recycling back after we complete the parade to the Friends of Matt Isenhower at Position 82.

Nominations and Endorsements for August 2014 Primary election

Rep. Cyrus Habib was nominated as the Democratic Party candidate for State Senate from the 48th LD and former Kirkland mayor Joan McBride as the candidate for the seat Cyrus will vacate in the State Legislature Wednesday night, 48th LD Democrats Chair Phil Kouse announced. Rep. Ross Hunter was nominated for re-election to his legislative seat.

U.S. Rep. Susan DelBene (1 CD) and Rep. Adam Smith (9 CD) received the district party sole endorsements for re-election to Congress.

The 48th LD Democrats solely endorsed Judge Janet Garrow for Northeast District Court Position 1 and Judge Ketu Shah for Position 2.

Lisa O’Toole and Marcus Naylor received dual endorsement for District Court Position 3. As judges pro tem, both candidates survived a rigorous and competitive hiring process to substitute for elected judges. Our members believe that each candidate brings valuable background and perspectives to the judiciary.

Superior Court and other candidate endorsements will be considered in June.

Endorsement meeting Wednesday May 21

Attention candidates:  our Endorsement Meeting will be May 21, not our June meeting as previously announced. 
The meeting was moved up due to the deadline for publishing the county Voters Guide.

State Party rules require us to nominate rather than endorse candidates from our district for State Senate and the two seats in the State Legislature.  

The only announced candidates known to be seeking our nomination at this time are Cyrus Habib for State Senate and Ross Hunter and Joan McBride for State Legislature.

Candidates for nomination who have not already notified 48th Chair Phil Kouse they are requesting endorsement and attended at least one meeting should declare their intend and plan to attend the May 21 meeting.  Non-incumbents are requested to provide a copy of a King County Democrats questionnaire and the questionnaire from one labor union or council from which they are seeking endorsement.  Contact Phil Kouse at

US Reps Smith and DelBene at 4/16 LD meeting

U.S. Representatives Adam Smith (9th CD) and U.S. Representatives Suzan DelBene were scheduled to attend.  Congressman Smith will leave early for an appearance at the 41st LD meeting. (Click on the red ball above right for the pull-down menu with meeting time and place, etc.)
  1. Congressional Updates and Q&A, Representatives Smith and DelBene.
  2. Campaign update:  Joan McBride for State Senate
  3. Other candidate/organization courtesies
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Report of LD Chair Phil Kouse deferred from last meeting
  6. Convene brief special session of LD Caucus to receive report on specific resolutions referred to Caucus Resolution Committee to be put into final form, and to determine whether to refer them to the State Convention with or without our recommendation to pass the resolutions.
  7. Courtesies for candidates/organizational reps arriving from other LD meetings
  8. Good of the Order:  Vice Chair Virginia Rogalsky re: Cinco de Mayo Party; Vice Chair Karen Tennyson re: special May meeting PCO Votebuilder training. Others from floor.