Annual 48th Dems picnic Wednesday 8/19 starting at 6:30 PM

Come one come all to the 48th LD’s annual summer picnic.

This year it is being held at Becky Lewis’ home, 16552 SE 19th St., Bellevue 98008. PLEASE RSVP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so meat and beverage purchases can be planned. RSVP Becky at

To make the event participatory, the way activists like it, if your last name starts with the letters A thru L, please bring an appetizer or salad. If your last name starts with M-Z, please bring a fruit/veggie or a dessert.

The district will provide grilled organic hamburgers, hotdogs and a veggie option. We are also providing beer and wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Thanks and see you there.


2015 primary candidate endorsements

48th members endorsed additional candidates for office locally and in King County Wednesday, July 15.  Candidates for our endorsement are reviewed for the nature of their Democratic/progressive identity, degree to which the their campaigns reflect values expressed in the Washington State Democrats’ platform, and aptitude to engage in bi-partisanship when necessary without compromising their obligation to support other Democratic/progressive candidates/electeds and interest groups, as well as breadth and depth of knowledge and abilities preparing them for the office sought.  Incumbents are considered on the basis of their demonstrated records.

48th District Democrats include viewpoints ranging from moderate to left among our membership, and endorse candidates of a range of viewpoints as well.  We seek to endorse the candidate for each office who most reflects Democratic ideals while having the most promise of winning an election. Because very well-qualified candidates may not alone achieve the required 2/3 majority required for a primary endorsement, multiple endorsements for any given office may result.

Endorsed last night:

King County Director of Elections:  Zack Hudgins, Christopher Roberts

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 5:  Darrell Bryan, Ken Rogers, Marion Yoshino

Bellevue Council 1:  John Stokes (incumbent, not on primary ballot)

Redmond Mayor:  Steve Fields

Here are the candidates endorsed by the PCOs and members of the 48th District Democrats on May 18:

King County Assessor:  Lloyd Hara (incumbent)

King County Council District No. 6:  Claudia Balducci

City of Bellevue Council Position No. 5:  Vandana Slatter

City of Kirkland Council Position No. 2:  Shelley Kloba (incumbent)

City of Kirkland Council Position No. 6:  Dave Asher (incumbent)

King County Superior Court Judge Position 7:   Janet M. Helson

King County Superior Court Judge Position 15:  Samuel S. Chung

King County Judge Position No. 21:  Veronica A. Galvan


Eastside Democrats marching in Kirkland 4th of July Parade

48th District State Representatives Ross Hunter and Joan McBride will be joining us for this annual event.

Staging at 10:30 AM, Parade 12:00 Saturday.   (Staging location and parade order to be assigned later Thursday.)  Contact 2nd Vice Chair David Combs (Events and Fundraising Coordinator) to receive notice after our staging location is announced, or to arrange for carpooling  (

The 48th has joined with the 45th under their banner in the past, but this year we have registered as “Eastside Democrats” and both Districts can march together with both of our banners.

Please wear a Royal Blue T-shirt, if possible, for this event.

2015 Primary Endorsement Procedures

Our next endorsement meeting will be October 21. To be eligible for consideration at that meeting, a candidate or their representative must attend our September 16 meeting to request endorsement. Candidates endorsed for the primary and moving on to the general election retain our endorsement and need not request our endorsement again.

Democrats in the 48th LD represent a spectrum of viewpoints, like the Democratic Party as a whole. Nonetheless, there has been a growing consensus that a candidate we endorse should have certain characteristics.  These include:

  • a definite Democratic identity evidenced by a prior proven history of memberships or involvement with Democratic party organizations or other groups sharing similar ideals;
  • support of the platform of the Washington State Democratic party evidenced by unambiguous public statements or, in the case of incumbents, their record in office;
  • a commitment to support other Democratic candidates and electeds evidenced by one’s record of candidate endorsements and campaign contributions.

For our official statement regarding Candidate Support see our Bylaws, Article II Section 3.

Questionnaires: Our Executive Board requires that candidates requesting endorsement provide copies of a King County Democrats questionnaire and a questionnaire from a labor council or union whose endorsement actually was requested.  These can be emailed to, subject line: “Endorsements” at least 10 days before the endorsement meeting, or contact the Chair at that email to make other provisions.

Appearance at Meetings.  We make time at every meeting during the campaign season for candidates who wish to appear, and allot equal time to each one as allowed by our agenda. Candidates attending the 5th or 41st LD meetings on the same night are welcome to appear late at our meeting and given time at a opportune break in our business.  Email notice a day in advance of attending, and whether as an early or late arrival, helps our Chair coordinate appearances. Prior permission to attend and speak is not required.

Endorsement Procedures as specified in our Rules of Special Order, Rule III:

1. At any meeting for which endorsements have been given as an item for the agenda, the membership may endorse candidates for elected office or ballot measures. The call for the meeting shall include a list of candidates eligible for endorsement consideration.

2. Candidates requesting endorsement must do so at a regular meeting at least twenty-eight days prior to the meeting at which his or her endorsement shall be considered.

3. The Executive Board or an endorsements committee may submit recommendations to the membership for endorsements. Such recommendations shall be considered prior to any other motions to endorse. (Note: All endorsements are being considered directly by our members without such recommendations during 2015).

4. Candidate endorsements may be single or multiple for the same office. Multiple endorsements for the same office shall be approved as a single motion.

5. After the close of filing and before the primary election, candidate endorsements shall require a 2/3 vote.

6. After the primary election, candidate endorsements shall require a simple majority.

7. Endorsements supporting or opposing a ballot measure may be made after the measure has qualified for the ballot. Such endorsements shall require a simple majority.

Any questions can be directed to Phil Kouse, Chair, 425-533-3385. Email is preferred to due restricted availability on work days (

2015 Primary Endorsements

Here are the candidates endorsed by the PCOs and members of the 48th District Democrats 5/18.

King County Assessor:  Lloyd Hara (incumbent)

King County Council District No. 6: Claudia Balducci

City of Bellevue Council Position No. 5: Vandana Slatter

City of Kirkland Council Position No. 2: Shelley Kloba (incumbent)

City of Kirkland Council Position No. 6: Dave Asher (incumbent)

King County Superior Court Judge Position 7:  Janet M. Helson

King County Superior Court Judge Position 15: Samuel S. Chung

King County Judge Position No. 21: Veronica A. Galvan

Our next endorsement meeting is Wednesday June 17.

May meeting changed to Monday 5/18

Legislative briefing by
State Senator Cyrus Habib and
State Rep. Joan McBride.
(All PCOs/members may vote)
Note the change in day and date from our usual Third Wednesday meeting date.

 The meeting was changed by members’ vote to accommodate the Board of Elections candidates’ publication deadline on Wednesday 5/20.


7:00 PM Check-in 

Northwest Arts Center, 9825 NE 24th St., Bellevue. Doors open 6:45.

7:10 Call to order, approval of agenda and minutes.

Legislative briefing by Cyrus and Joan (Rep. Ross Hunter met with us via Skype in April.)
Courtesies:  CD and organizational updates, first requests for our endorsement, etc.


  • Our Bylaws require a previous appearance by a candidate or representative requesting our endorsement to be considered for endorsement at tonight’s meeting.
  • Candidates qualifying for consideration at tonight’s meeting:
  1. Candidates for King County Auditor:  Lloyd Hara (incumbent) and John Wilson. 
  2. King County Council: Claudia Balducci.
  3. Bellevue City Council: Vandana Slatter.
  4. Kirkland City Council:  Shelley Kloba.
  5. King County Superior Court Judges: Samuel S. Chung, Veronica A. Galvan, and Janet M. Nelson (incumbents appointed by Gov. Inslee to vacated positions). Judge Nelson was sworn in last week and was inadvertently omitted in our newsletter from the list of candidates who have appeared at prior meetings to request our endorsement.
On-going and new business will be deferred until June except for any PCO appointments presented by our First Vice Chair for approval.
Good of the Order and Adjournment.

Procedures for Candidate Endorsements Monday, May 18

By Phil Kouse, Chair.

Here is the 48th LD procedure for endorsements for the 2015 primary election.

Our first round of endorsements will occur on Monday evening, May 18, rescheduled from our regular Wednesday May 20 meeting night to accommodate the Board of Elections publication schedule.

Our Bylaws require that a candidate or representative must have appeared at a meeting at least one month before our May endorsement meeting to request our endorsement. Candidates or their proxies appearing May 18 and requesting our endorsement for the first time may be considered for endorsement at our June meeting.

Our Executive Board requests that candidates submit copies of their King County Democratic Central Committee questionnaire and of a questionnaire submitted to a labor council or union, or explanation why no labor endorsement was sought. These should be sent at least five days in advance to, subject line “Endorsements.”

The 41st LD also is considering endorsements on May 18. 41st Chair Karol Brown and I have agreed that candidates for endorsements of both LD’s should appear first at the meeting of the 41st LD and then at the 48th about 8:15.  Candidates for Redmond and Kirkland Councils or any other offices not sharing judicatories with the 41st will be considered earlier in our meeting.

If your campaign has any questions, please contact me at (425)533-3385.

Homeless shelter volunteers needed 4/14

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Eastside Winter Shelter Dinner–Woman and Children April 14

The 48th District Dems , with help from Dems in the 41st District, are hosting a dinner for the homeless on April 14th at the Redmond United Methodist Church. We have enjoyed the last two dinners we served in December and March. Actually helping individuals face to face is very rewarding.

We need at least 4 more volunteers to help purchase or make food–please step up to help if you can.

The next dinner will be April 14th, beginning at 7:45 for servers. If you cannot be there, you can donate food items to be used for the dinner.The church is located at: 16540 NE 80th St in downtown Redmond. If you are interested in helping, please CONTACT: Becky Lewis, or 425-746-5869.

Reorganization Meeting Agenda for 1/14

7 PM January 14 (Second Wednesday)

Northwest Arts Center

9825 NE 24th Street, Bellevue

Call to Order by Temporary Meeting Chair

  • Rich Erwin (KCDCC Chair), Roger Crew, and Steve Kasner from King County Democrats board, officiating.

Flag Salute

Appointment of Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms and Tally Committee

Credentials Report

Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules

Adoption of District Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules

Election of District Chair

Appointment of District Credentials Committee

Election of All Other District Officers

  • District Credentials Report regarding non-PCO members
  • Officers elected only by elected PCOs: First Vice Chair,WSDCC and KCDCC committee persons and KCDCC alternates.
  • Officers elected by all members in good standing: Second and Third Vice Chairs, Treasurer, Communications Director.

Approval of PCO Applications

Old Business

New Business

  • Appointment of Standing Committee(s)
  • 2015 Budget

Good of the Order


Bylaws Revisions – Executive Board meeting January 6

It was decided at the December special meeting to complete revision of the Bylaws and Special Rules of Order in preparation for our Reorganization Meeting (January 14) at our Executive Board meeting. The Board meeting will be 7 PM January 6, at the home of 2nd Vice Chair Karen Tennyson.

Only those sections not already finalized on December 10 will be reviewed.  If you are not a Board member and wish to attend, contact Karen to r.s.v.p. and get the address and directions at

The text of the proposed revised Bylaws and new standing rules can be viewed and copied HERE.  (Note: a new draft was uploaded at about 10:30 PM on January 2.) Please print your own copy to bring to the meeting.